Stefan Glowacz und seine Begleiter, Fotograf Thomas Ulrich und Spitzenkletterer Philipp Hans, stellen die Expedition Coast to Coast unter das Motto „by fair means“. Mit möglichst geringem

LOWA PRO Team Stefan Glowacz

With LOWA on the way to extreme exper­iences

Stefan Glowacz is an extreme moun­taineer by profession and can look back on an unbe­lievable sports-climbing career spanning from 1985 to 1993. Born and raised in Bavaria, the profes­sional mountain climber discovered his passion for climbing at the age of 13. During his competitive career, Stefan won first place at the Rock Master (the unof­ficial sport climbing world cham­pi­onship) three times – in 1987, 1988 and 1992 – and finished second in 1993.

Since ending his competitive career, he’s developed a fascination for natural rock. In recent years, he has increasingly headed off on exped­itions that have taken him to some of the most remote and difficult walls in the world. After two failed attempts, he and his climbing partner, Robert Jasper, finally conquered the north face of Cerro Murallòn in Patagonia in autumn 2005. He completed his longest expedition to date in October 2018: three months from coast to coast across Greenland.

Stefan has written and produced a wide range of books and coffee-table photo collections. He has also appeared in two movies and reports about his fascinating exper­iences in the vertical world during present­ations to groups. Many managers have profited from the exper­iences he’s gained at the extreme limits of life.

Facts & figures

Home base:
Berg am Star­n­berger See
Favourite climbing site:
Verdon Gorge
Local mountain:
Wetterstein Mountains
1,80 m
68 kg

Stefan Glowacz,
What attracted you to moun­tain­eering and what made you really decide to pursue it?

“My parents took me along on a trip to the mountains at a time when I could barely walk. I discovered my passion for the mountains through them.”

How has the sport changed your life?

“I started climbing when I was 13. My first climbing course was something like a revelation to me. I found of all my desires hidden in climbing – ambition, goals, freedom and adventure. My enthusiasm quickly developed into a philosophy of life.”

How much more do you enjoy life than other people possibly do?

“I don’t compare my lifestyle to others. That’s not what it is about. Every indi­vidual strives for happiness. This striving cannot be compared and is completely indi­vidual.”

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